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We provide account management, targeted consumer and business mailing lists, mailing services, as well as design services, finishing services, digital imaging services and personalized direct mail communications with variable data printing.

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We have specified turnaround times for most of our products. Sometimes, although rarely we have equipment failures or malfunctions that could possibly delay your jobs.

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Get a quote for a custom print job.

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Products sample request form. You will get a sample pack that includes several types of products and paper types.

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MoxiCopy isn't just printing. By assembling a team of highly skilled and creative designers, we are able to offer a complete marketing package for you or your business.Design Samples

Design Samples
View our design sample gallery here. We offer In-house design services.

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Design templates can be downloaded by visiting the product you are interested in and clicking on the download template link. It will ensure you have accurate, size, color mode, resolution and bleeds for whatever product you are designing.

Art Guidelines
If you lose sleep at night trying to figure out how to submit your artwork to us then your sleepless nights are over! We have put together a complete list of every question we've ever answered on how to submit art and what specifications we require.

We try to explain everything in Plain English so it's easy for everyone to follow. If you're still having problems understanding how to submit art then give us a call. We'll be happy to help you out!

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If you are setting up a mailing campaign then please take a minute to read through our basic guide on business mailings.

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Our Mailer templates will ensurethat you have all the proper USPS specfications for direct mailing your piece.

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The Internet has brought about colossal changes in the field of marketing. The low cost of delivering messages via banner ads and email seemed to spell the doom of direct mail. It was not meant to be. The fleeting images on a screen, although inexpensive, are still no match for the power of paper in a customer's hand. In fact, last year was the best year ever for direct mail, capping over a decade of double-digit growth. And NOTHING beats direct mail for its ability to accurately measure effectiveness.

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Our Terms & Conditions for direct mailing services.

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Why use Moxicopy.com?


Moxicopy.com was started with the idea that good quality color printing shouldn't cost a fortune. Our ability to offer high quality printing at a lower cost is primarily due to the tremendous advances in digital printing equipment, the fact that we offer both “offset” and “digital” printing, and our efficient production and quality control systems. Typesetting and/or the creation of printing plates (used to apply the ink) in offset printing equipment are largely responsible for the high costs associated with "traditional" offset printing. Offset printing is still the way to go, when jobs are extremely large “voluminous” or if the finished size required is not available through available digital print equipment, exact colors are required, etc.

Moxicopy.com offers both digital and offset printing to save you money whether your job is large or small.


While there will always be a place for offset printing, good quality digital printers will often do many types of jobs, more cost effectively than using offset technology. Nowadays an ever growing majority of commercial printing (i.e. flyers, brochures, booklets, manuals, newsletters, etc) originates with a digital document that is created by a graphics design expert with experience with print techniques as design for printing is very different than design for web use. Many graphic design programs are available today to aid in the creation of colorful, beautiful designs.

People often create their own documents using the programs that are available, however, it is always a good idea to consult with a print professional if you do not have special training regarding designing for print, to insure that the end result is as you or the client expects. These “digital documents” do not need to be typeset nor do plates need to be created when the file is being printed using a good quality digital printer.


At Moxicopy.com we strive to provide the best discount digital or offset printing available.

In order to insure satisfaction and a realistic expectation of results, Moxicopy.com recommends requesting a proof of your job (or a part of your job) so you or your client will have an idea of what to expect from our copy and print services. Although a proof may be provided, due to the limitations of all print technology, Moxicopy.com does not under any circumstances guarantee exact color matching. As with most printers, due to the wide variety and quality of digital files, Moxicopy.com will not guarantee print quality unless we create the digital file and obtain written authorization from the customer to proceed with the production of a print job. We will always do our best to print any file submitted within usual and customary print standards and within the limits of digital or offset print technology.

The internet has become a natural tool for customers looking to save money, time and effort when shopping all types of products, and printing is no different. Customers have many options available online, to shop for and purchase printing, also you can shop from home or office, submit the job and then have the finished product delivered quickly to any location.At Moxicopy.com, we strive to be the best discount printer service that we can be. Our emphasis is always on customer service, and we depend heavily on word-of-mouth advertising to promote our business. We promise to treat your job as if it were the only one. We'll do it on time, and we'll do it right. Moxicopy.com is a family owned and operated business that strives to always treat you like family, “assuming you like your family”.

Moxicopy.com wants to be your print and copy service, so we are now providing the Every Door Direct Mail service to our copy and print services menu as well as signs, banners, stickers etc. Check with us often, because we are constantly adding to our product offering. Regarding Every Door Direct Mail, Moxicopy.com will handle as much or as little of the service requirements as you wish from simple printing or copying to putting together the entire mail piece count, bundling the printed mail pieces and filling out the paper work for delivery to the post office. This is an extremely inexpensive way to send printed pieces to the areas that are most important to you. No need for a mailing permit or even exact addresses. Check out the new Every Door Direct Mail quote form for easy ordering and great prices for every door direct mail. This is another way Moxicopy.com will strive to become your on line printer.

In an effort to be the printer of choice for you, Moxicopy.com will soon provide professionally designed products that you will be able to edit with your own message, name, phone number etc. We will provide a variety of designs for brochures, business cards, banners, signs, postcards and almost every other printed product that you can think of for promoting your business using the printed medium. In fact if you are a graphic artist and would be interested in doing free lance design work for Moxicopy.com contact us at 888-221-4402. Moxicopy.com wants to be your go to on line print and copy service, if we can't save you money, we don't deserve your business.

We believe,  We offer the best rates and turnaround on all your business printing and copying needs. With MoxiCopy, you can avoid the copy shop and get cheap online printing done without ever leaving your computer.As we mentioned before, most color and black and white printing is created using some type of computer application, publisher or word processing program. This begs the question: Why create your file on a computer and then transport it to a copy shop or commercial color printer, only to be treated rudely and pay high prices? At Moxicopy you can simply send us your print job or online color copy job today and get your printing tomorrow, while saving money and never having to leave your computer.

No longer do you have to trudge a pile of documents across town in the rain, wind, snow, and sleet in order to get quality commercial printing services or to look at a proof.  Now that's convenience. Using an internet printing company you can save fuel, time and hassle.

Whether you need printing, copying or full service commercial projects, you will find that you can get the quality you need and the personal service you desire just as easily online as you can at the local copy shop. In fact, if you live in a town that only has one name when it comes to copy/printing service, you just might find that friendly and personable are not as important to them as it is to you. Online color printing services offer a larger pool to draw from and you can take your time finding the company that works best for your specific brochure or flyer.

 When it comes to finding the best prices, quality, and convenience for all of your copy shop needs, many brick and mortar businesses forget about the benefits of doing business online.Learn about our cheap service.

Gone are the days when it was necessary to trudge a pile of documents across town in the rain, wind, and snow, in order to get quality commercial printing services. Today, with a click of a button, you can merely send the documents you need copied and have them delivered to your door. How's that for convenience and personal service?
Whether you need printing, copying or a full service commercial printing company, you will find that you can get the quality you need and the personal service you desire just as easily online as you can at the local copy shop. In fact, if you live in a town that only has one name when it comes to copy/printing service, you just might find that friendly and personable are not as important to them as it is to you. Online color printing services offer a larger pool to draw from and you can take your time finding the company that works best for your specific brochure or flyer.
Looking for catalog print services and other resources?

When you make the decision to go with a service you are often making a decision to go with the best financial option for your newsletter production needs. In fact you will probably find that you are getting not only the most inexpensive, but also the highest quality color copy services in the business. Most local printing companies handle a lower volume of projects, operate at a higher cost and have more tax liabilities to consider when setting their prices. Going with an online service minimizes these expenses that are traditionally passed on to the customer.

Quality commercial printing is difficult to come by in the best of times. When you need good quality in a flyer printing company, as much as you need reasonable prices, it definitely pays to shop around. Sometimes the best bargains are right next-door but you'll never know until you've checked out the full range of competition, which includes the online competitors.

Just remember that the quality of the printing that is provided to you says a lot about the business of the ones doing the printing. For this reason you need to make sure that while keeping price in mind, quality is a key consideration. Selecting a printing service that promises quality and displays a strong sense of ethics is definitely a way to insure that your printing and copying needs are in good hands. If you trust your instincts when selecting a new copy shop you will often find that you've made a wise decision whether you choose a service or one that is just down the road.

The efficiancy has changed the entire printing business since books or other printed materials first were created through the time consuming and diligentwork of scribes. As you can imagine, this was a profession which required much patience and attention to detail as the original writer of any document was fully expecting the copies to be exact representations of their original work. Printing documents, copied manuscripts written by these scribes were produced this way for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years. This allowed human knowledge to be passed on from generation to generation and from one group of people to the next. As knowledge grew as well as the desire to disseminate this knowledge led to the search of more practical ways pass on knowledge through the written word or images.One of the major steps toward printing was made during the Han dynasty in China. There, Confucian writings were cut into stone or marble so that rubbings could be made and studied more efficiently than hand writing each copy by hand.

As with many human achievements printing went through many watershed moments such as the first known printed book the "Diamond Sutra" and was printed in Japan in the year 868. Koreans, built the first type foundry and cast their movable type in bronze metal.Through various stages printing progressed until the first true printing press was developed by Johann Gutenberg. Although there was, at the time, some controversy between Gutenberg and his partners. This modern printing through the use of a 'printing press' has been around since the early 1400's. The most popular product printed at the time was playing cards, the saints or bible stories printed onto cards, and the Gutenberg Bible. The Bible being an extremely significant milestone if only for the huge amount of work involved in the set up of the press to produce the stories of the Bible accurately.

Use of the internet has come about as a natural result of the pervasiveness of the computer, the development of print and graphic design programs, and as much as anything else, the growth in bandwidth during the 1990's through to today. Online print ordering is still new when compared to the long time line of the existence of printing but has changed the game dramatically.

As many print industry magazines have suggested, if you are a printing company without an online presence, you are not keeping up. Printing and publishing has been a very competitive business for a long time and every customer is looking for cheap online printing print company is looking for an advantage in selling their products and spreading the word about their products and print capability. Most online printers started as local or regional printers who were looking for an advantage, seeing the internet as a way to reach the masses as never before.

Most companies began this process by simply advertising their printing company online with a simple web page explaining the capability of the company or any other appealing features or benefits of doing business with them. These web pages usually also would include contact information, hours of operation, principal operators of the business and sometimes pricing or specials. For many years, these first online printers did not offer a automated quote system as many do today, but required the potential customer to "request a quote" by filling out a form on the website and submitting it to the print company's customer service or sales department, who would then review the project details, then get back with the customer with a price or questions about the job. This "back and forth" process through emails or telephone calls, can be time consuming and it didn't take long for some enterprising person to come up with the idea of the automated quote system,and soon after the ability to purchase and upload the print file all in one visit to the website.

Moxicopy.com was established in 2006 and we believe was one of the first online printers to offer truly easy to use quote systems that were intended for non print professionals or "regular folk" who just need to get some printing done. The intention was to eliminate much of the jargon which is familiar to those in the printing business, but whose terms are not a part of the vernacular of those not in the printing business. This seems to be a popular approach, proven by the fact that the number of online printers offering these "common language" quote and ordering systems has grown substantially since 2006 to today. The estimates is that the number of printers who offered their products online in 2006 was a few hundred or a couple thousand. 

Today, there are well over 10,000 printers selling printing online with many of them offering simple, easy to use quote and ordering systems. Some online printing websites even offer the ability to create your own product from scratch or the customization of pre-designed templates, allowing for the addition of a company name or address and phone number etc, however most files being printed through online printers are digital files which are created by a graphic designer or writer working privately or through an advertising or publishing company. 

A great advantage of an online printer offering customizable templates, is that this avoids the sometimes significant expense of a graphic designer which is the opposite of cheap online printing, when including the expense of graphic design software. Using templates also avoids the need to worry about upload speed. Perhaps most importantly, using templates insures that the file will meet the quality needs of the customer, and will print correctly, with proper bleeds, set backs and proper density of color and design accurately set up for printing. Growth in bandwidth has been a great help in the prevalence of online printing due to the fact that many digital print files can be quite large and would be difficult if not impossible to transfer through a phone modem. Large bandwidth with higher transfer speeds allow for the transfer of huge files in a short period of time. 

The spectacular progress, quality and speed of digital print technology has also furthered the growth of this industry because with digital printing, there are no plates to be produced as with offset printing. Digital printing also allows for lower cost production of hard copy proofs since there is no plate production required. Color and quality also are nearing offset quality so many print customers could not tell the difference between digital and offset printing. 

The printing business is still as competitive as ever. Those who embraced the new opportunities that online printing provides are benefiting greatly from the technology. It allows customers to shop and find cheap online printing, when they want, from who they want, and from anywhere in the country without being "sold" printing from a salesperson which some people are uncomfortable with. This also allows for the printed product to be shipped anywhere in the country. If you are a company with locations throughout the United States, documents or advertising can be printed in one location and shipped directly to the locations where they are needed. If you are a business with a sales-force in the field in a variety of locations, or moving quickly from one place to another, the sales products can be shipped to hotels where the salespeople are staying on an as needed basis reducing the need to purchase large quantities of materials and requiring the sales people to carry heavy printed materials with them.

Using these tactics allows the print buyer to control costs and take advantage of the economy of scale, while controlling quality and insuring consistency of the brand. Regarding sales materials it is sometimes very difficult to find good quality printers in unfamiliar locations when you are traveling, and if you can find a local printer, can they do the job when you need it and within budget? It is much easier to control costs, quality and timing if your sales force can just pick up the print from the front desk or at the place that a presentation is taking place. As with most businesses, the internet has made and will continue to make an impact on the printing industry. 

Thank you for considering Moxicopy.com for your printing company.   We promise to always work hard to please you and if possible "blow you away" with quality work done on time at a great price. 

Rob Muskelley





If you are looking for a trustworthy company to do your printing, I cannot think of anyone better than Moxicopy.com.     I am a purchasing agent and could not believe the great prices at Moxicopy.com.    I actually doubted that the quality could be good at their prices.   

I was plesantly surprised when I received our magazines.  They were better than our last printer and we saved 1/3 on the price. 

We are now a loyal customer.  

Ginger Blakefield

A company that does what it claims is hard to find these days.    I used Vistaprint for years, but never again.    I never thought I could get such good quality, so quickly, and the money I am saving is just a bonus.   I don't know how you do it , but keep up the good work. 

Great Company



Lisa   Price

Thank you Moxicopy.com for coming through again.    I really did not believe that you could hit my deadline this time, but we received the job a day early, in perfect condition.   

I don't know how you do it, but I hope you do well and prosper.   I'll use you again and again. 

Thank You. 

Stan  Goldberg

Vistaprint Who?      If you need free business cards go to Vistaprint, for everything else, try Moxicopy.com.    Not only will they save you money, but the quality is first rate.   You won't be dissapointed, and I am not easy to please. 

Thank You for doing a great job every time. 

Sharon Cooke

I used Vistaprint for the past 5 years.    When they took 3 weeks to deliver a simple flyer job, I decided to try Moxicopy.com.     I'll never go back to Vistaprint.    

These guys go above and beyond to keep me happy, even if I make a mistake, they try to make it right.  I couldn't ask for more. 

Trey Washington

Moxicopy.com has been through a lot of changes over the past few years, but they seem to have it together now, better than anyone else that I have found.   The customer service is great and they always seem to try to help recommend ways to help me save money.    With so many rip off companies out there, it's good to find someone I can trust. 

Lisa Andreeson 

Sometimes the internet businesses can be dissapointing, but I am glad I found Moxicopy.com.   I do a lot of printing in my business, and need a printer that i can depend upon.   Moxicopy.com does a great job every time and has never dissapointed me.   I would recommend them to anyone who needs a dependable printing company.  

Stephen Morris

Wow,    I thought I had found the best online printer, until I found Moxicopy.com.   This new site is incredible and the prices are unbeatable.    I have finally found a cheap online printer that I can trust.  

I have recommended them to my Home Owners Association and they are also happy, after trying several other companies.   Go Moxicopy.com!! 

Doug Baskerville